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Eco Swap Out Pack- Cling film | Foil | 60L and 10L Compostable Bags | Laundry sheets (Subscription)

Eco Swap Out Pack- Cling film | Foil | 60L and 10L Compostable Bags | Laundry sheets (Subscription)

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Our subscription packs, delivered in recycled and recyclable boxes offer a huge reduction in RRP, you can also save on delivery – free over £25!

  • 1 x 10m Recycled Foil Dimensions 30cm x 10m
  • 1 x 30m Compostable Cling Film Dimensions 30cm x 30m
  • 1 x Compostable Bin Bag – 60 Litre (10 bags) Dimensions (Bag Size) 114cm circumference and 87cm long
  • 2 x 10l EGL Compostable waste bags Dimensions (Bag Size) 62cm circumference and 51cm long
  • 1 x Laundry Detergent Sheets x 60 sheets Dimensions (Sheet Size) 11cm x 7cm

We’ve made living an eco-friendly lifestyle even easier with Eco Green Living Subscription Packs. Take the stress out of shopping for eco-friendly household products. With just a few clicks they can be sent to you on a monthly basis.

It’s difficult to live a totally eco-friendly lifestyle, especially during a lockdown. Even if you look for environmentally friendly products on the high street, the act of going out shopping can increase your carbon footprint.

If you drive were to drive around 5km to the shops and back three times a week in a regular petrol car, your car emits 6-8kg of CO2 into the air each week. That means you should be planting one tree a week to offset your carbon footprint just for going shopping.

Not only do you no longer need to leave the house for your eco-friendly swap outs, but we also plant a tree for each order made!

Going shopping for products that tick all the eco-friendly boxes can be time-consuming, plus natural eco-products that are kind to the environment are usually more expensive than common supermarket products that can contain toxic chemicals.

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