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New product launch- 100% recycled foil

A common household product that we all have in the kitchen draw is aluminium foil. But how can we make it more environmentally friendly?

Eco Green Living has developed a new tin foil which is made from 100% post-consumer waste meaning that every roll has had a previous life. The annual production of aluminium foil in Europe last year was 800,000 tonnes. The extraction and production of new aluminium has a high carbon footprint contributing to 2.5% of the total CO2 emissions each year. Creating our 100% recycled foil uses 95% less energy to produce as there is no need for power-intensive aluminium extraction.

Our 100% recycled foil is a great alternative to regular tin foil- especially for anyone starting on their eco journey and looking for a simple eco swap. It can be used to help keep your food fresh, line baking trays, for baking and even craft projects!

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Eco Green Living supplies accessible eco swap-outs for the home for retailers and consumers. Our products are designed to replace single-use items that we dispose of regularly. We recently were shortlisted for The Grocer’s New Product Awards in the Household category. The shortlisted product is our 100% compostable cling film. It aims to replace regular plastic cling film which can take up to 400 years to degrade (it will still be here for your great-grandchildren to see!) Our compostable version is certified and proven to degrade within 6 months. We are confident that our recycled tin foil will be just as impactful and well received as our cling film.

New Product Awards article Check out our cling film!

At Eco Green Living, we have a passion concerning climate change and the environment. We believe that everyone can make small changes that will impact the bigger picture. To further support the future of our planet, we plant a tree with every order placed. This simple act sequesters carbon emissions for years to come and protects our wildlife by enhancing biodiversity.
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