Compostable Face Masks

Compostable face masks

The world's first eco-friendly 3ply compostable face mask using responsibly sourced materials, produced and printed in the UK.

100% disposable compostable face masks

Eco Green Living’s 100% compostable face masks are a plant-based product with no petrol-based additives. The UK’s first fully compostable mask looks and behaves exactly like a surgical mask with a compostable stamp on the front, so everyone will know that the mask wearer has the environment as a No 1 priority.

Once worn the mask can be put into your food caddy or garden composter and will take only 12 weeks to break down, compared to the staggering 400 years it will take for a plastic face mask to degrade. It is the obvious choice, keeping yourself protected and protecting the planet.

  • No harmful micro-plastics or plastic residue is left behind
  • Completely earth-friendly and environmentally friendly
  • Made from non-edible organic materials – nothing is wasted
  • Produced in the UK—no carbon emissions here!
  • Developed using innovative technology
  • Packaged in a recycled and recyclable box for shipment

Eco Green Living is battling the war on face mask waste that has raged on since the pandemic began. Disposable surgical masks are made from plastics like polypropylene and vinyl which will take hundreds of years to degrade. An estimated 194 million disposable masks are being used globally every month.

Purchasing these face masks for a business is an effective way to show customers that you care about our planet. It sends a clear message that your brand puts the environment at the core of your business.

Eco Green Living customers can be sure that all of the products on our website have been tried and tested. We only sell environmentally friendly products. All of the products listed on our website are premium quality so there’s no need to check for alternatives. Competitor brands may claim to be biodegradable but may not always be 100% biodegradable. Always check that products labeled as compostable and biodegradable are certified as such.

Eco Green Living is an eco-friendly provider of plastic-free and eco alternatives for consumers and businesses. Our team shares a joint passion concerning climate change, the environment, and how we as individuals choose to live our lives. The small measures that people choose to take, create change and will impact the bigger picture. Our range of 100% certified compostable products and plastic-free alternatives are for home or for business use in retail and hospitality. Eco Green Living products are designed to replace everyday household items that we dispose of frequently.

Eco Green Living: Eco friendly swap outs

Eco Green Living are an eco-conscious and innovative company providing plastic-free alternatives to consumers and businesses. We offer a wide selection of simple eco swaps (including compostable waste bags) for every-day products we dispose of regularly.

Eco Green Living are passionate about the environment and how we as individuals choose to live our lives. We believe that the small measures people take, create change and will impact and influence the bigger picture. We aim to be as accessible as possible with affordable prices and a clear, concise approach to our products, no green-washing here.

These innovative plastic free, compostable bags are a straightforward eco solution to the most common household items: bin bags, for consumers or business use in hospitality and retail. They are an easy sell, as they offer customers a simple alternative, so they can feel they are doing their bit.

Our eco-products for retail enhance a retailers offering by increasing basket spend and targeting conscious shoppers. There has been a shift in consumer habits, with 75% of Brits now modifying their consumer behaviour ethically.

For hospitality, our products help limit the amount of plastic waste and reduce a companies carbon footprint. This shows as a company that you have the planet in mind and can help fulfil environmental policies that businesses need to adhere to. We offer a point of sale solution for in-store to create replacements for the home category including our new products, caddy and compostable bags, freezer bags and dog waste bags. We also offer products for your store including compostable face masks, veg roll bags, recycled aprons and shopping bags.

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