Eco Green Living Introduces EN-13432 Certified Compostable Pallet Wrap


Eco Green Living Introduces EN-13432 Certified Compostable Pallet Wrap, Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Packaging

Cheshire, Jan 24 - Eco Green Living, an industry leader in eco-friendly innovations, is excited to introduce its latest breakthrough: the EN-13432 Certified Compostable Pallet Wrap. This cutting-edge product marks a significant step forward in sustainable packaging solutions, revolutionizing the way we approach environmental responsibility in the industry.

The EN-13432 Certified Compostable Pallet Wrap stands out with its remarkable features, including a 120% stretch, single-layer construction, and 18-micron thickness. This not only provides unparalleled stability but also significantly reduces plastic usage, addressing the pressing need for eco-conscious alternatives in packaging materials. With a commitment to fostering a plastic-free supply chain era, Eco Green Living's compostable pallet wrap sets new standards for the industry.

Julie Cook, Co-Founder of Eco Green Living, emphasized the importance of this innovation, stating, "Pallet wrap poses a significant environmental challenge, with massive amounts of plastic used annually, contributing to landfill accumulation. While some progress has been made with recycled materials, traditional plastic wrap still dominates. Our compostable solution, free of micro-plastics, offers a sustainable alternative certified for composting. It's time to disrupt the status quo and introduce sustainable alternatives to the market."

Collaborative studies with partners highlight the transformative impact of sustainable transit packaging. By adopting eco-friendly alternatives, businesses can achieve a remarkable 53% reduction in packaging waste. Beyond environmental benefits, this shift enhances brand reputation and operational efficiencies, aligning with the principles of a circular economy.

Eco Green Living's compostable pallet wrap simplifies the process of reducing carbon footprint by eliminating single-use plastics, yielding significant results. The environmental impact of conventional pallet wrap practices, with a carbon footprint of about 6 kg CO2 per kg of plastic, cannot be overlooked. With the UK alone producing 150,000 tonnes of pallet wrap annually, the imperative for carbon-neutral supply chains becomes evident.

With an 18 micron thickness, the volume of wrap needed also reduces.  Average stretch/pallet wrap is 23 microns, weighing over 557 grams per pallet.  The reduction of unnecessary wrap resulting in a reduced volume is not to be ignored.

Advocating for a shift in packaging practices, Eco Green Living stresses the importance of minimizing plastic waste and mitigating environmental harm. By embracing sustainable alternatives like compostable pallet wrap, businesses can proactively address the challenges of plastic pollution and contribute to a healthier planet.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Julie Cook
Eco Green Living Ltd
0161 399 1694

About Eco Green Living:
Eco Green Living is a leading provider of eco-friendly packaging solutions, dedicated to advancing sustainability in the supply chain. With an innovative product portfolio and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Eco Green Living empowers businesses to adopt responsible practices and drive positive change.


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