Eco Green Living Earns Vegetarian Society Approved Trademark for Eco-Friendly Products

Eco Green Living proudly announces its latest achievement in sustainability with the acquisition of the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark for its eco-friendly products. After rigorous independent checks and meeting strict criteria, Eco Green Living’s range is now certified suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Going beyond mere compliance, Eco Green Living prioritizes transparency and ethical practices. With a commitment to providing certified compostable products for the home, the brand ensures clarity of labeling, abstains from animal testing, discloses manufacturing origins, and openly lists ingredients.

Julie Cook, Founder of Eco Green Living, emphasized the company's dedication to meeting customer expectations. "As a family business, we embarked on this journey fueled by the frustration of navigating environmental choices. Listening to our customers, we recognize the importance of transparency. We're not scientists; we're ordinary people striving to make a difference. Obtaining the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark aligns with our values and reinforces trust in our brand."
Vegetarian Society ApprovalVegan Approval

The Vegetarian Society’s seal of approval signifies Eco Green Living's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. By providing clarity on ingredients and ensuring adherence to vegetarian/vegan criteria, Eco Green Living empowers consumers to align their purchasing decisions with their core values.

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