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Eco Baby Bundle- 2 Months Supply of Nappies, Nappy Bags and Baby Wipes (Large)

Eco Baby Bundle- 2 Months Supply of Nappies, Nappy Bags and Baby Wipes (Large)

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Worried about the environmental impact of you and your baby? Feeling sick by the amount of single-use waste created every day?

Fear not, this bundle includes eco-friendly swap outs for the everyday nappy routine. The bundle will last you for approximately 2 months. Check out the size chart for the perfect fit for your little one!

So what's included? 

🌍 8 packs of Large (Size 4) Nappies (240 nappies in total)

🌍 9 packs of Biodegradable Baby Wipes (540 wipes in total)

🌍 3 boxes of Compostable Nappy Bags (300 bags in total)

BAMBOO NAPPIES: Premium disposable nappy made with a bamboo fibre top sheet & back sheet. Suitable for even the most sensitive baby’s skin.
Designed to keep your baby dry, and undisturbed for up to 12 hours insuring undisturbed sleep. FSC certified chlorine free wood pulp. A note on packaging: Biodegradable polybag made from d2W replaces the plastic type.

BIODEGRADABLE BABY WIPES: Eco Boom Bamboo Baby Wipes help to gently clean your baby’s body including hands and face. They are made with an unscented and 99.5% water formula that can be directly used on your baby’s sensitive skin. They are FSC certified and contain no chemicals or any nasty additives.

COMPOSTABLE NAPPY BAGS: Eco Boom Nappy Bags are certified compostable and biodegradable and are strong, leakproof and easy to use. Certified EN13432 as well as by TUV meaning they are suitable for home composting (as well as in industrial plants) They are fragrance free and are packed in a convenient, easy-to-use, recyclable/compostable box.

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