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Bamboo Baby Nappies Pack of 36 - Small

Bamboo Baby Nappies Pack of 36 - Small

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Quantity: 36 nappies

Size: 3 - 8kg

Premium disposable nappy made with a bamboo fibre top sheet & back sheet.
Suitable for even the most sensitive baby’s skin.
Designed to keep your baby dry, and undisturbed for up to 12 hours insuring undisturbed sleep.
FSC certified chlorine free wood pulp.
A note on packaging: Biodegradable polybag made from d2W replaces the plastic type.


Why you should choose bamboo fibre products

1- Bamboo fibre is antibacterial in nature, absorbs moisture but maintains breathability, and is environmentally friendly.
2- With the promulgation of the global plastic ban and the declining tree resources, biodegradable materials such as bamboo fibre will eventually replace non-degradable plastics.

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