Eco Green Living Make Eco-Friendly Life More Accessible With New Subscription Offering

Warrington, UK - (NewMediaWire) - March 27, 2023 - Eco Green Living, an eco-friendly provider of plastic-free alternatives for consumers and businesses, is offering a revolutionary one-stop pack enabling customers to swap plastic items for eco-friendly alternatives. Housed in one simple box, the swap-out pack eliminates plastics in the home and is delivered straight to customers' doors as often as needed.

Eco Green Living understands that 64% of shoppers are consciously limiting their use of single-use plastics, but knowing where to start can be tough, time-consuming and confusing.

Celeb chef Lisa Marley says, "Sometimes it's a really small swap, such as boxed, eco-friendly washing sheets as opposed to detergent in a plastic bottle. We started with washing sheets, eco-friendly soap, and cling film. Easy swaps that take no effort but have a big impact and we built from there. We have a subscription with Eco Green Living, so it's all delivered to your door."

Their Premium Swap Out-Pack includes:

Eco Green Living, a family business, was created to make eco-friendly choices more available to families throughout their life cycles. They understand that an eco-friendly lifestyle can be unrealistic to families with busy lifestyles, and believe a subscription is an achievable first step - carbon is reduced with fewer trips to the shops. Driving around 5 km to the shops in a regular petrol car emits 1-2 kg of CO2 into the air. A tree would need to be planted to offset the carbon footprint of this single shopping trip.

Their innovation in creating a compostable cling wrap has created a best-seller, a brilliant product that was a finalist in the Grocer Innovation Awards. Eco Green Living believes plastic cling film should be banned. Why? Clingy by name and by nature, cling film can take hundreds of years to decompose. When it does eventually break down, it turns into microplastics, which leach harmful chemicals into our groundwater and oceans while endangering the world's wildlife.

Certified for home and industrial use, EN-13432 plant-based bioplastics are toxin-free, compostable in all environments and if incinerated, they do not pollute. These bioplastics are made from organic, renewable materials such as corn starch, sugarcane or potato starch, making them eco-friendly. They're an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

One of the most significant advantages of using EN-13432-certified bioplastics is their biodegradability. These plastics are designed to decompose quickly and efficiently in any environment, whether it be industrial composting facilities, home composting systems or even marine environments. This means they won't sit in landfills for hundreds of years polluting the soil and water like traditional plastics do.

"Why use a plastic bin liner when you can have a compostable one? We have gone back to the drawing board, looked at what we liked about the plastic versions of these items and then made them better, stronger, taller, wider. We are producing a range of everyday items that replace plastic. There's no need for plastic bags to be used anywhere." - Eco Green Living's Director James Cook.

Eco Green Living believes that change must happen and that people need choices. They're working to bring those choices into the long-forgotten kitchen drawers and bins.

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