Why do we use China as a manufacturer?

Fairness and equality are fundamental to our ethos at Eco Green Living, as we want to demonstrate that better can be done as an industry. We are aware of and knowledgeable about environmental rights issues. Our awareness and disgust with the exploitation of people and the environment led us to find the organisation. We wouldn't collaborate with a factory that engaged in any form of human rights violations. We only produce products once the manufacturers' accreditations have been verified; all our suppliers go through vigorous checks which guarantee that human rights are respected to the standards established by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), a UN agency.

The location of your factory does not guarantee that everything will go well (for example, manufacturing in China does not always equate to subpar working conditions, nor does manufacture in the UK imply acceptable working conditions).

If we look also at sustainability goals, which are a key metric for our company, our factories are all ISO accredited, they are all powered by bio-fuels, carbon distribution by sea is more efficient, if you measure by the amount of CO2 emitted per ton of freight, then sea freight is more efficient than road.  We also invest heavily in carbon neurtral shipping policies.

Our goal is to push this industry to perform better by increasing the accessibility of more sustainable solutions, from materials to expanding our range.

We're happy with our progress, but there's still a long way to go, so we'll concentrate on that and work with factories that share our beliefs. As our range and volume grows, we will start to work with European manufacturers. We are aware that for you, manufacture in China might be a deal-breaker, but we promise to stay as open as honest as we can to help you make decisions you can live with!

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