Eco Green Living Secures Major Listing with Big Green Smile, Europe’s Leading Eco eTailer

July 2024

Eco Green Living is thrilled to announce the launch of its 17 eco-friendly product lines on Big Green Smile, Europe’s largest Direct to Consumer eco product eTailer. This partnership extends Eco Green Living’s reach to customers in the Netherlands and the UK, delivering to a further 20 European countries.

“Sales for the first two weeks have been very encouraging,” said Karolina Radzicka, UK Commercial Manager. “Last week, Eco Green Living ranked #45 among over 200 brands on our UK website. This success confirms that consumers want authentic eco choices.” Our household range perfectly complements Big Green Smile’s ethos, and we are excited about our future partnership.

About Big Green Smile:

Since 2006, Big Green Smile has made sustainable shopping easier and more accessible. Starting with a limited range of products, they now offer over 7,000 natural and sustainable items across France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. Their mission is to showcase the best sustainable brands while maintaining excellent customer service and sustainable operations. Visit for more information.


About Eco Green Living:

Eco Green Living Ltd is a leader in eco-friendly food packaging solutions, dedicated to sustainability and quality. Their products, including certified home and industrial compostable bin bags, decompose rapidly within 8 to 12 weeks, leaving zero harmful residues. Made from non-edible organic materials, these products exemplify Eco Green Living’s commitment to minimizing waste and empowering consumers with high-performance, eco-conscious choices.


Julie Cook, Co-Founder of Eco Green Living Ltd, stated, "Our aim is to empower individuals with everyday eco-conscious items that deliver exceptional performance. Our product range exemplifies our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality."


Media Contact:

Julie Cook 

Co-Founder, Eco Green Living Ltd 


Address: Unit 17, Marbury House Farm, Bentley Farm Lane, Higher Whitley, Cheshire WA4 4QW 

Phone: 0161 399 1694 


For more information about Eco Green Living, please visit: 

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