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Eco Green Living launch UK’s first eco-friendly compostable face mask

Eco Green Living is proud to be launching a new 100% certified compostable face mask to battle the war on face mask wastage that has raged on since the pandemic began. The compostable masks are the first of its kind in the world, debuting in the UK. The masks are made in Leeds, Great Britain cutting down on the carbon emissions produced from shipments.

The face mask has been the symbol of the pandemic. The latest figures suggest that 96% of adults who left their homes in the past week, wore a face covering. This is not a problem until you factor in that most of these face masks are disposable and made from plastics like polypropylene and vinyl which will take hundreds of years to degrade. An estimated 194 million disposable masks are being used globally every month because of the coronavirus pandemic. Campaigners in France warned in May that if single-use masks continue being used at the current rate, there could soon be more masks in the Mediterranean than jellyfish. These shocking statistics call for a new approach to disposable face masks.

The UK’s first fully compostable mask looks and behaves exactly like a surgical mask with a compostable stamp on the front, so everyone will know that the mask wearer has the environment as a No 1 priority. Once worn the mask can be put into your food caddy or garden composter and will take only 12 weeks to break down, this compared to the staggering 400 years it will take for a plastic face mask to degrade. It is the obvious choice, keeping yourself protected and protecting the planet.

Purchasing these face masks for a business is an effective way to show customers that you care about our planet. It sends a clear message that your brand puts the environment at the core of your business. This can help boost a companies CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and build into an environmental policy.

At Eco Green Living, we believe that changes like this from individuals and companies across the UK will start to decrease the ‘plastic mountain’ this country is facing.

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