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Eco-Friendly Washing for Equestrian Clothing

"Horses for Courses" they say....

For anyone that rides horses, especially when the main clothing is white, then we have the huge issue of keeping whites white and to stop our washing machine from blocking everyweek with horse hair!

I can help with the keeping whites, white not the unblocking of machines.

We moved from suburbia to the rural delights of Cheshire and with that comes new opportunity and interests.

Our daughter, an avid animal lover, creative thinker and doer fell in love with a little pony.  This was very cute and we watched in awe as she learnt how to ride and take on new challenges.  It has been an amazing and inspiring journey for us.

What does this have to do with laundry sheets? Well, let me tell you.

Her passion developed towards Dressage, this is a sport that baffles many unless you are an equestrian, then the difficulties and the technicalities are significant but that is a different story.

I wanted to show you how our laundry sheets managed tackling the challeges of a white dressage saddle cloth.  I did put 4 sheets in and I did put it on a hot wash.  I think next time I will try 2 sheets and see what happens. Here are the results!

EGL After washEco Green Living Laundry Sheets to the rescueThe Dirty Truth


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