Eco Green Living’s product shortlisted for New Product Awards

Eco Green Living are thrilled to be chosen as a finalist for The Grocer’s New Product awards 2021. Our certified compostable alternative to cling film is sitting proudly in the Household Products category. Being a small business founded less than a year ago, we are overjoyed to be represented at this level.

The innovative product is an environmental swap out for the well-used kitchen staple: cling film. Cling film generates excessive waste with more than 1.2 billion meters used by UK households each year. This is enough to go around the circumference of the world 30 times over- now that is a lot of cling film. It also takes on average 400 years to degrade completely, meaning cling film that we use now will still be around for our great grandchildren to see. Eco Green Living have developed a compostable alternative which is certified to the European standard EN13432. This certification means that the product is proven to break down within 6 months.

The product is suitable for home composting and industrial composting. Once the product has fulfilled its use, it can be placed in a food waste bin for council collection or used in a home compost set up. To find out more about setting up a home composting system, have a look at our article on the subject:

The cling film alternative is perforated in 30cm increments which takes away the need for the metal cutter attached to the box, a wasteful by-product of cling film. This makes the product easier to use and controls the amount used more efficiently.

Eco Green Living supply environmental swap outs to consumers and retailers. To further protect the planet, we plant trees with every purchase made, sequestering carbon for years to come.

The winner of the award will be announced on the 16th of November at an event held in Hilton Bankside, London.

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